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地點:民主大學會議廳:(132-36 Pople Ave, Sutie M3, Flushing, New York –Pople Ave位於法拉盛大學點大道West Beef 超市正對面)。

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For Immediate Release

June 9th, 2012

Contact: Lenny Young (Democracy Academy of China)

Tel: 917-215-9421


We Are All Li Wangyang

Mr. Li Wangyang, the firm and great democracy fighter in Hunan “was suicided”. Released last year after in total 21 years in prison, he was tortured to blind and deaf and unable to walk. Under the severe guard in hospital, he was found “suicide” on June 6th.

Li Wangyang was born in 1950, former worker in Shaoyang Glass Factory in Hunan. Li Wangyang was the President of Workers Autonomous Federation in Shaoyang, and sentenced to 13 years for the crime of inciting subversion of state power. He was released in May 2011. In prison, Li Wangyang subjected to inhuman treatment which caused him blind, deaf, and very week. After released, Li Wangyang was in inpatient care at Daxiang District Hospital of Shaoyang. Under the care and support of friends from various communities, his physical condition was gradually improved.

Tang Baiqiao, the president of the Democracy Academy of China, was comrades-in-arms with Li Wangyang. They were put in the same prison one after another. In order to mourn Li Wangyang and condemn the crimes of CCP, the Democracy Academy of China will hold a press conference of “Condemn CCP for Murdering Li Wangyang” to introduce Li Wangyang’s activities and the world campaign to investigate the truth of his “suicide” in the meeting room of Democracy Academy of China.

Time: 1:00pm, Sunday, June 10, 2012

Location: Meeting Room of Democracy Academy of China (132-36 Pople Ave, Sutie M3, Flushing, New York)

The press conference will be broadcast online in Chinese.

Skype: tanglung1989, Twitter:, Facebook:


Democracy Academy of China’s main purpose is to train young people to be leaders for the next democracy movement in China . DAC was founded by Baiqiao Tang, and other democracy activists. Baiqiao Tang was a student leader during the 1989 democracy movement in China and author of My Two Chinas. 


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