Candlelight Vigil Commemoration: “Tiananmen Massacre”

02 6月


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Candlelight Vigil Commemoration
“Tiananmen Massacre”

June 4th has become a special day for the Chinese.  On this day, twenty-three years ago, the most magnificent patriotic and democratic movement in Chinese history ended with a bloody crackdown and the world was shocked.  It crushed the beautiful dreams of countless passionate young people who were pursuing freedom and democracy.   This day has become forever very painful for the 1.3 billion Chinese people in China and also overseas Chinese.

Today, twenty-three years have passed.   Those young souls still cannot rest in peace.  The injustices they bore and still bear are still not righted.  They are still charged as “counter-revolutionary rebels.” Survivors are still in exile overseas and cannot reunite with relatives in their homeland.  However, nothing can stop the Chinese people’s determination and perseverance to pursue freedom, democracy, explore the sciences and have human rights for every individual in their country.

Commemorating the “Tiananman Massacre” this year has much significance.  The decadent regime of the Chinese Communist Party is unpopular and dying, the voice of calling for the CCP to step down is growing louder and louder, the international community has lost their patience with the flagrant violations of human rights by the evil CCP and the Wang Lijun incident, Bo Xilai incident and the case of Chen Guangcheng occurred one after the other.  All of these let the world have a comprehensive understanding of the evil nature of the CCP.  A majority of the world’s population now fully realize that the only way out for China is to end the tyranny.

To cherish the memory of those who perished during and after the “Tiananmen Massacre”, pay respect for those who lost loved ones, honor those who survived the pain of their dream being smashed, call for justice and stop the persecution, the Democracy Academy of China will hold a candlelight vigil for the 23rd anniversary of the “Tiananmen Massacre”.  There will be songs and videos broadcasted and “Tiananmen Massacre” survivors will speak.  All are welcome.

The venue will be held in front of the Flushing Library, 8:00-10:00 PM New York EST, June 4th, 2012.

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Democracy Academy of China’s main purpose is to train young people to be leaders for the next democracy movement in China . DAC was founded by Baiqiao Tang, and other democracy activists. Baiqiao Tang was a student leader during the 1989 democracy movement in China and author of My Two Chinas


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