24 1月

I’m writing an article about the White House’s State Dinner in Sep. 19. During this dinner, A Chinese Pianist Lang Lang played a song called My Motherland, which is an anti-American propaganda melody from the Korean War: the theme song to the movie “Battle on Shangganling Mountain.” When I was little, every time I watched this movie (we don’t have too many movies to watch during that time and we always repeated to watch the same movie!), I felt so proud of being a Chinese and really wanted to kill all of American (we called American Ghosts, in Chinese Guizi). Of course now I know I was brainwashed and hate this kind of so called arts. However, not every Chinese young people know the truth of Korean War. They still think American invaded North Korea and killed us badly. When they heard Lang Lang played this song in W. H., they were so excited and treat Lang Lang as a national hero (not all of Chinese, some of them criticize him and believe this was arranged by Chinese government). I’m a Chinese dissident living in the US for many years, and my wife is a US citizen. I feel insulted for my wife and myself even I’m not a American. I wonder how those who attended Korean War would feel? I just want take this story as an example to let the people know that don’t give Chinese government too much credit. They can do anything if they has the power to do. They don’t care about American’s feeling, and the world’s feeling as well.  they only care about their political power and their privilege. And American politicians should be careful to communicate and deal with them. Chinese government made a lot of traps there and American politicians may not find all of them yet, just like they arranged someone play a song to insult American. When you find it, it’s almost too later. American politicians should take this as a lesson.

Baiqiao Tang


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